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Being the largest city in the state of Alabama, there are a lot of fun and amazing things that you can do in this beautiful city with an interesting history. So without further adieu, we’re giving you the top 4 amazing things you can do in Birmingham, Alabama right now.


Our Top 4 – Local Attractions in Birmingham, Alabama

birmingham alabama is full of fun stuff to do

Meet and Greet the animals at Birmingham Zoo


First on the list is visiting the Birmingham Zoo – one of the city’s top attractions. With a total area of around 122 acres and a home for 230 different animal species from all over the globe, it’s no doubt that over half a million people visits this amazing zoo each year. Dedicated to continuously leading in animal conservation, the zoo has recently opened a new section named Trails of Africa that focuses on protecting African elephants.


african elephant conservation - birmingham zoo


Various activities are being held at the zoo including giraffe feeding, and a Sea Lion Splash Show that the entire family and all age groups are sure to enjoy.


Challenge yourself at the Sloss Furnaces


Up for some haunted experience? Check out one of America’s most haunted attractions – Sloss Furnaces. Back in 1882 it was a blast furnace but when it was closed, it became the only blast furnace in the U.S. that was opened for public viewing.


sloss furnace downtown birmingham


During special nights, brave visitors are now allowed to enter the site for a guided tour and learn about the amazing history as well as the long list of deaths that happened inside the building.


The tour’s highlight is the story of a Mr. James “Slag” Wormwood, a foreman on the graveyard shift. But what’s so interesting with this Mr. Slag? Well, he’s the man responsible for most of the deaths in the history of the Sloss Furnaces. You’ll have to take the tour to find out why…if you’re brave enough.


Interested in this creepy adventure? The building is open to the public for several months each year where tickets are sold on the entrance door.

three wing challenge!

And of you prove yourself to be brave enough to venture into America’s most haunted blast furnace, maybe you can take the heat from D’s three wing challenge? Think 3 little hot wings can’t get the best of you? Think again. Many have tried, and only a few have eaten all three so far. Stop by our Hueytown location today to take the challenge.


Enjoy nature at Birmingham’s RailRoad Park


Want some time to relax and enjoy Mother Nature? Then Railroad Park has got you covered. With an overwhelming 19 acres of space and an open lawn covering half of it, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty of nature while getting a breath of fresh air.


jogging trails at railroad park near regions field in birmingham


With approximately 600 trees, a myriad of different flowers, plus a breathtaking beautiful lake that covers 30% of the park, what more could you ask for? Oh yea, skateboard ramps…you’ll find those too!


Sweat it out at the Oak Mountain State Park


oak mountain park - pelham


For those who are into some energy-burning activity, Oak Mountain State Park is the place to be. Being the largest park in Alabama with a staggering 9,940 acres, you can hike or bike all you want. For those who aren’t into hiking or biking, you need not worry as you can still enjoy this amazing park by renting a boat, playing basketball and/or golf, and so much more!


How amazing Birmingham is, right?